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While rain might be great for the earth, it’s terrible for our roadways. Wet pavement has contributed to nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes each year, as the oil and grim in the road are pulled towards the surface, making it hard to stop and control your automobile on demand. And of course, we know how much it rains in Oregon.

If you’re worried about traveling around the streets of GRESHAM, OR, in the rain, here a few safety tips to help you avoid an accident:

Stay Alert

When driving in the rain – even a lite mist – it’s essential that you pay close attention to the road around you. Keep both hands on the wheel at all times and stay calm. During a heavier storm, it might help if you turn off all distractions such as cell phones OR the radio to help you focus on the road.

Turn On Your Lights

While it is not illegal currently in Oregon to drive with your lights off while it’s raining, it is good practice to have them on. Driving with your headlights on will not only help you see the road better, but it also helps other drivers see your vehicle. It is also good practice to use your turn signals before changing lanes OR making turns. Communicating with other drivers on the road helps maintain safety, especially during heavy rainfall.

Take Your Time And Slow Down

Roads are at their most dangerous shortly after it starts to rain as the dirt and grime of the road will mix with oils coming off the asphalt, creating a slicker driving environment. This leads to one of the most dangerous aspects of driving in the rain – hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is when your car’s tires lose traction with the road, and the vehicle starts skidding in a direction the driver can’t control. It can happen at speeds as low as 35 mph and in as little as ½ inch of water.

To combat hydroplaning, avoid hard braking and sharp turns to ensure your tires are maintaining contact with the road at all four points. Another way to help prevent hydroplaning is to use to have a heavy vehicle with All-Wheel Drive OR Four-Wheel Drive. AWD is designed to provide maximum forward traction during acceleration. It is especially helpful in sloppy and wet road conditions by diverting power to other axles in the hopes of finding more traction at different wheels.

If you’re looking for a new OR used vehicle with AWD and 4WD to combat the heavy rains of Oregon, you can find a vast selection at the Weston Auto Group Dealership. Explore their online inventory before visiting their dealership to find the right model for you. Then, talk to one of their friendly auto sales associates about the differences between All-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive.

Take Care Of Your Tires

For us Oregonians, the best way to stay safe while driving in the rain is to have tires with proper tread depth and inflation. You should check your tire pressure at least once a month as tires with low pressure will have a harder time gaining traction on wet roadways. You should also check the tread depth of your tire by placing a penny in the tread depth, head down. If you can see the top of Lincolns head, then it’s time for new tires.

Secure a proper tire inspection at the local service garages at Weston Dealerships near Portland. A review will tell you if your vehicle needs a rotating, balancing, OR inflating. Plus, the expert team at Weston Dealerships are happy to help you find the right tires for your car.

Safety Starts Before Your Drive

Safety starts with you, and while you can’t control the weather, you can minimize potential complications while driving in the rain. Start by making sure your vehicle is serviced routinely so it can function to the best of its ability, no matter what the weather conditions.

The certified service team at Weston Dealership is happy to fix any faulty windshield wipers, test your vehicle’s headlights, inspect your brakes, and check your tire’s tread. If you’re looking to stay safe in a heavy rainstorm, schedule your service with our team at Weston Dealerships today!

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